Bottle Water Dispenser


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Bottled Water Coolers

In addition to our mains fed water coolers we also offer bottled water coolers. Bottled water coolers are a great way of providing instantly chilled, filtered water to your staff or visitors. Available in both counter top and freestanding options. Installation is quick and easy and requires a minimum of 1sqft of space and access to the nearest power point.

Product description

Now you can carry cool drinking water with you in this water dispenser and stay hydrated wherever you go. You can use this water dispenser at home, outdoors and even while travelling. This water dispenser has a capacity of 10 Litres water, which is sufficient for carrying water for a significant part of the day. without refills.

For Storing Water
Store water in our reusable blue wave plastic dispenser. Made out of bpa free Eastman tritan, it is the perfect portable dispensing bottle out there. Perfect for daily use at home or at the office; or even storage for emergency preparation.

Easy To Clean Water Dispenser
It is also very easy to clean by inserting ones hand through the top and scrubbing inside. It has a wide mouth to ensure easy filling and cleaning. It can be used for picnics and outdoors, gym, hospitals,offices, events. It is Heavy duty, easy to lift and less fragile to use.

Made of Premium Quality Plastic Water Dispenser
It is transparent which will help you to find any unwanted particle. As it is made from heavy duty plastic it unbreakable. This can be easily operated by Children and elderly too.

Durable And Sturdy Material For long Time Use
This is made of commercial-grade, durable ABS plastic. This plastic is resistant to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts, ensuring your cooler lasts. Much better and durable than flimsy pump type dispensers.

Leak proof flip tap which makes sure water is not wasted.
It is very easy to use and portable.
Much better and durable than flimsy pump type dispensers.
It can be easily operated by Children and elderly too